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Hey guys only 4 people did the contest! You have to do it because you will get a wonderful prize if you win! Please do the contest! You can only imagine the treasures of the winnings. Note:That is not mine i got that picture off of google.com.


It’s umm a minute past 12 you know what that means! Peanut Butter contest time! Peanut butter contest time! Ok Here are the rules. I’m going to ask you 2 questions and you’re going to answer it in a comment with you first name and e-mail. Everyone has the same chance of winning so don’t worry. The winner will get something cool in their inbox. Now here’s the trivia questions.

        The brain is part of which 2 body systems?

A)Excretory and Circulatory

B)Nervous and Circulatory

C)Digestive and Nervous

D)Edocitive and Excretory

             What movie is this line from: “I think this is a start of a beautifal friendship”

A)Raiders of the Lost Ark

B)A Boy and his Dog


D)Gone with The Wind

                       Ok send in your answers!


The cousins are coming! The cousins are coming! Ok now that I got my American history lesson down I’ll tell you whats up. My cousins are coming from Queens to play Wii and have a mini sedar. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!


You read the comment on LOO? The kids random! RANDOM I tell you!…

UHHH… watch this funny video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QDqsvWSZCY&feature=related


i used to love this show as a kid


Hey I’m iming one of my best buds mike. instead of saying lol hes saying LOO. Totally RANDOM!


It’s spring break ya’ll! So awesome. I wannah do this list of things so read em.

*Wear a tank top over long sleeves, over a tank top, over more long sleeves, over short sleeves wearing shorts.

*Eat a lot of hot sauce with garlic on the beach

*Create a hit TV show while wearing a tank top over long sleeves, over a tank top, over more long sleeves, over short sleeves wearing shorts.

*Do this list.

In all seriousness have an awesome spring break and remember: When there’s break, there’s bound to be spring!


Hey guys I’m back miss me? My blog was down but that couldn’t stop me! Just wannah say thanx to 2 of my best buds Steph and Mike for getting me back in the blog business. You’ll be seing a lot more of me. I’ll just end this with a shoutout to my awesome friends. Mike,Steph,Sarah&Sarah,Teresa,Brianna,Joe,Kate,Milana,Jeff, and to everyone I forgot… TOO BAD! JK JK JK


0000038818_200703291203282.jpgMan they didn’t pick good winners this year for KCA. Alvin and the Chipmunks Best Movie? Miley Cyrus Best singer and TV actress? That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Transformers should have won. It had everything 10-14 yr. old boys want in a movie: action, cars, and a hot girl. The musical preformances were horrible! Miley and The Naked Brothers Band were as awful as ever. Someone please cancel The Naked Brothers Band! The slime was funny though that’s what kept the show together. But no best burb contest! They just showed celebs burbing. I thought they were gonna keep it this year? I hope they’ll do better next year!


0000038818_200703291203281.jpgHey Almost KCA! I was watching the countdown and they said L’il Mama’s gonna sing Lipgloss! And the guys in my class know that’s our class theme song (even though it has nothing to do with us). So till KCA… idk hi.


laughing_man_2.gifHey Guys I was bored so I searched for funny pics on Google.com and look what I found! One weird cartoon I’ll give ya that!